Inflatable Hot Tubs & Portable Spas The Australian Way

When you want to relax, it should be easy and comfortable and stylish.  Aqua Spas Australia offers all that and more with a full range of portable inflatable spas that can fit as many as you and five friends. Whether you’re camping or just don’t have room in the backyard for a permanent option, we’ve got something that’ll exceed your every expectation.

We are proud to be the Australian distributor of Aqua Spas. We stock four models: A 6 seater round Aqua Spa, a 4+2 seater model, a 4 seater round option, and a 2 seater rectangular spa. Available with a variety of accessories to add character and comfort to your soak, we’re sure you’ll find a set-up on our website to suit you and your property. Get our complete set of wicker surround furniture to give people a comfortable place to towel off, or add a cup holder for the ultimate in luxury. Our goal is to make your inflatable portable spa experience the best it can be!

Aqua Spas – the best choice in comfort

Each model is guaranteed to be durable and strong enough to stand up to a lifetime of use. Made from thick, high-quality PVC material, each of our inflatable hot tubs is constructed from the same material used to make whitewater rafts. So trust us when we say your portable spa will improve many, many pool parties for years to come.  

Our portable inflatable spas are perfect for a relax in your own backyard or for beautiful for sunny weekends by the barbeque. Have a romantic evening with your partner or give the kids somewhere to play. You can even take it outside for a warm retreat on a cold night looking up at the stars – you definitely won’t want to leave the comfort of your own portable hot tub then!

All of our models heat to a soothing 42 degrees – not too hot, not too cold.  We think it’s the perfect temperature to get the stress out, and it’s the standard setting on most hot tubs around the world for a reason.  Sink down into the warm, inviting waters and let the tension leave your body with an Aqua Spa.

The strength of our product is its flexibility. It’s not built into the ground, so your portable hot tub can be used permanently or temporarily. Set it up on your patio or take it to a grand final party. Our largest model shrinks down to fit in a box 50 x 53 x 75cm. With sizes to suit all people, jump in now to get the perfect Aqua Spa for you.

When you’re looking to properly relax, buy from the Australian relaxation experts. A product from our team could see you enjoying you backyard in a whole new way. Hot tubs don’t have to be expensive; get affordable luxury from Aqua Spa. Order online today or reach us on 0412 344 465 or via email at [email protected] with any questions.